Results Acro Game 2018

acrogame finales

Acro GAME 2018 started with the qualification on Thursday 2nd, but a little rain in the afternoon stopped the conditions so we had to put it on hold and to start again early on Friday 3rd, in order to finish the qualifications and start the battles. Friday the weather was perfect, and all the Battles took place with perfect conditions. The 8 qualified pilots who went to the final battles where:

Egor Posokhin(Russia) vs Theo de Blic(France)
Rafael Goberna(Brazil)  vs Bicho Carrera(Chile)
Horacio Llorens(Spain) vs Jack Pimblett(England)
Tim Alongi Francia(France) vs Francois Ragolski(France)

acrogame finales

The Semifinalists:
Horacio vs Tim
Theo vs Victor

The Finals:
Tim vs Theo
Horacio vs Victor

1st Tim Alongi
2ns Theo de Blic
3rd Horacio Llorens

The best trick award went to Tim Alongi, performing a Twisted Infinity Tumbling, keeping it twisted during the exit.

acrogame podium 2018

The level was insane this year, with a lot of new combinations and very challenging tricks to win the battles. The public had a lot of fun, especially the Acro community from Organya who enjoyed this high quality performance of the top pilots.

We hope to come back with a professional Streaming signal next year in order to share with all of you what Acro Game is all about.

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